Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Its a Boy!

On the 21st we got to go in an see our little one for the first time. The ultra sound was so much cooler then i thought it would be. I thought we would go in they would be like there's your baby, k your done. But it was so neat to see the bones and his heart , hands, feet and face. he is defiantly a mover the ultra sound tech was having a hard time getting pictures cause the little guy was moving so much. I am amazed I don't feel him more for how much he was moving. It makes me wonder what he is doing in there when i do feel him haha.

We got some great profile pictures of him.

He looks a lot like Jeremy already from the side.

He defiantly has Jeremy's nose.

This is a picture Jeremy is pretty proud of lol this is showing us that its a boy.

Now we need to figure out a name. We had more girls names picked out then boy names so as of right now he is our little man :) tell we find him a name. We have one name in mind that we both really like but still want to see what else we can find before we make the final decision.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today Is The Day

Well today is the big day and the bets are placed. Today we get to see our little one for the first time and find out if we are having a little boy or a little girl. Jeremy and I have made the bet that if it is a girl Jeremy will change diapers for a month and if its a boy I will be changing diapers for a month straight.
Last night my mother in law called me and told me there was something she wanted me to do before we found out what we are having today. She said she wanted me to do the wedding ring test. I had no clue what that test was so she explained that i had to take a piece of my hair, tie my wedding ring to it and hang it over my belly. If the ring swung back and forth it was a boy. If the ring went around in a circle it was a girl. So before I went to bed I tried it. The first time it went back and forth then a circle. So i told Jeremy i guess we are having both haha. I did it a second time and it went back and forth at first again then it went in a circle and then it went in a big circle so I think the ring test is telling me its a girl but I'm not quite sure so we will just have to wait and see.

At the beginning of the pregnancy I was so excited to know what we are having and now i think I am just most excited to SEE our baby. I feel it move and my belly is growing so I know our little one is in there but i just cant wait to see it. I am so thankful for modern technology.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Week 16

I had my 16 week apt this week. Everything went good we are scheduled to find out what we are having on the 21st of April, CANT WAIT!! Jeremy is sure its a boy and I'm kinda thinking its a girl I guess we will just have to wait and see. Jeremy is mostly sure its aboy because a little girl will have him wrapped around his finger so fast he wont know what to do haha. In the Beginning Jeremy didn't want to find out if it was a boy or a girl. Then this week before my 16 week apt he was asking me when we could find out haha. Good thing because there was no way i was going to be able to wait tell he/she was born to find out. I got to hear the heart beat again, I love that sound! It makes me sooo happy and excited to know i have a little baby in there growing safe. After every appointment i think it hits me more and more. I was so giddy with excitement. I couldn't stop smiling and trying to control the crying because i had to go back to work. I am going to be a blubbering mess when the baby is born. Pregnancy is such an amazing thing and to know that heavenly father is trusting me to bring this little person into the world scary and exciting all at the same time. Well we finally got a day that is feeling like spring up here in the Northwest. I think we where all starting to wonder if it would ever come. It actually stopped raining yesterday and today. And today the sun is out. That's right you heard me the sun is out in Washington! We are all trying not to make sudden movements so we don't scare it away again. My little man Hilo has been waiting for months for the sun to come back. He could lay all day in the sun and be perfectly happy. Because of the lack of sun he has resorted to laying on heat vents and in front of the fire. From the picture below you can see how happy he is its back.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Best Sound I'll Ever Hear

We heard the babies heart beat yesterday at my appointment. It was so amazing, I have never heard a sound that has made me as happy as hearing our little ones heart beat. Some days it felt just like Iv just been getting chubby haha but hearing the heart beat made it all so real.
Being Pregnant is such an amazing thing. I cant wait to meet our little one.
Now i just need to convince Jeremy that we want to find out what it is. He thinks we should wait and have it be a suprise. I'm not feeling that idea at all, Iv still got a few weeks to work on him.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Jeremy and I are Pregnant!! Well okay Jeremy is not so much as I am lol. Im a little over two months along. As of right now they are telling me that my due date is Sept.15th. We couldn't be more excited! Back in June we lost our first Pregnancy, I was only 6 weeks along but we both had a really hard time with it, but God knows the best time for everything. We know we are so blessed to be able to be pregnant again.
This was just a short update to let you all know, Ill try to get pictures of our recent happenings up soon.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Can you believe i'm writing again and its only been three weeks? Wow im so proud of myself. We didn't go any place exciting for the Labor Day weekend. We decided to save money and stay around the house. I did get the hole house spotless clean, laundry done, grocery shopping for the next few weeks done, dog washed, fall decorations up and a few craft projects started that i wanted to get started on. Its a great feeling to get the house in order. Jeremy and I got to spend some time together too this weekend that was nice. Went out to eat at buffalo wild wings one night(i have fallen in love with that place) .Sunday night we had a BBQ with some good friends and then Jer and I had a movie night just snuggling with my hubby, it was great. The rest of the weekend Jeremy worked on Company information. Jeremy and My brother sky have started a company called "Mine" the official name is Mine and co. it is custom Motorcycle's and fabrications along with apparel that will be on the website soon. Here is the website if you want to take a look One of my craft projects was to make Hilo a sweeter to represent the business. I think it turned out Pretty dang good. Hilo is not a fan of clothes he doesn't move much when he has his sweater on. He kinda just stands there and looks at me. making him where the sweater is a great way to calm him down if he's all worked up ha-ha. he is going to really hate his halloween costume.Yep i'm one of those people who is going to dress up there dog for halloween and its going to he great!lol. We did have a huge nasty visitor monday morning on our door step here is the pictures.
I have no idea what it was but i was feeling things all over me for days after it was disgusting. I had to put a picture up or no one would believe the size of this thing.

The weekend after labor day we went up to Long Beach washington where they have a Rod Run every year.Jeremys parents and my parents and unkle Rick and his son chase and his girlfriend all went up too. My parents meet up with us in Long Beach and they took Hilo cause he is not a fan of the loud cars. So they took him to meet up with jeremy's parents at there beach house so he could go play on the beach. A family friend Kristina took these pictures of hilo on the beach. He loves the sand for some reason.
Jeremy and I stayed in town with our friends Cody and heather to look at all the old cars. Jeremy and I spent the night at the beach house with his family and sunday drove down the beach to some neat rocks here are the pictures.
My monther and Father in law

Jeremy, His mom carolyn and Kristina up in the corner

Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer Time

Well once again it has been something like 8 months sense my last post on here so this is going to be a big one. Jeremy and I just had our one year anniversary. I cant believe how time has gone by so fast. I always here people saying that the first year is the hardest, But this first year went by so fast it didn't leave time for it to be hard. For our anniversary we went up to a resort called alderbrook on the hood canal up here in Washington. It was so beautiful there, we decided its as close to a tropical vacation as we can get with out having to fly somewhere.
Bill Gates has three houses right next to Alderbrook and that is what Jeremy is pointing at in this picture. The Second day we where there we went on a short little 2 hour cruise on the hood canal.
It was so much fun there we wanted to stay a second night but its way spendy and it was all sold out so we only spent one night there the second night we went to McMinamins and stayed in one of their rooms that doesn't have a bathroom there are just community bathrooms. Jeremy and I thought huh this might be fun like a little adventure.....yeah we changed our minds really quick. Jeremy got up in the middle of the night an starting looking for his shoes and i woke up way confused trying to figure out what he was doing. then i remembered he has to go all the way down the hall to use the bathroom i laughed pretty hard, Jer was not having a good time then haha.The room was so tiny. This is Jeremy's sad face when he saw how small the room was haha.

All the McMinamins up here are old buildings that used for something else and then turned in to a brewery where the have rooms for people to stay. They decorate the hole think really neat and its fun to walk through the old place and look at the architecture.Here is a little face on our pipes in our room, cute little guy isn't he.On our way home we stopped at the Portland zoo.Im trying to do a fish Face but you cant really tell but I promise its there
We have gotten a new addition to our little family. We got a little Boston Terrier back in May he was an early Birthday present for me, His name is Hilo

These pictures are all from when we first got him and he was just a tiny little guy. you can see how big Jeremy's hand is compared to him in the picture where hes getting a head rub.

Jeremys mom and Dad went to Disneyland and The only think they brought back was a shirt for the dog. no one else got anything lol. as you can see he wares it with pride.
Don't worry Jeremy made the rule that the Dog wasn't going to be on the couch, as you can see from the picture above he is really tough with that rule.
This little guy has so much love i don't think he knows what to do with it. When ever i go to the parents house they both run out to the car, open the back and start talking to the dog then they disappear into the house with him and I'm just standing there lol & Jers mom always stops by work just to see if he is there and bring him treats. I don't think he has been alone longer then 4 hours other then at night when he sleeps in his kennel sense he came to live with us. Me and Jeremy joke all the time about what is going to happen once we have kids if they love hilo this much.